Debrief Archive: Year 2019

Debrief Reboot #1: Escape from MN

The Black Brigade Debrief returns! DT is joined by Mrs. DT to discuss the successful conclusion to Escape from MN!

Debrief #2: Smoke ‘Em Out

DT discusses future podcasting plans, revels in Escape from MN vindication, reviews Black Brigade terminology, and describes how squirrels living in your chimney are like Democrats. Also, two news stories regarding quantum computing and climate change protests.

Debrief #3: Filthy Leftists are a Different Species

DT discusses the rare occasion having to block an insane leftist on Facebook, how leftists do not exist in reality, the new low of leftist hypocrisy related to criticism of Greta Thunberg, and the even newer low of the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Debrief #4: Climate Hysteria Comes to the Black Hills

DT contemplates counter-protesting Greta Thunberg, points and laughs at Minnesota and the recent actions of its AG Keith Ellison, and illustrates how Republicans aren’t dancing to filthy Democrats’ tune anymore via a recent example on Meet the Press.

Debrief #5: Win, Lose or Sit Back and Watch?

In a scattershot podcast, DT discusses “Playing to Win”(TM) and whether it’s even worth it. Windows 10 messes with the audio during an anti-entrepreneur rant, apologies.

Debrief #6: Equity Now, Bitches!

DT goes all scattershot again and discusses everything from getting lost in corn mazes to Anglo-Saxon medieval history groups being declared bastions of bigotry and racism.

Debrief #7: Equity Now, Bitches! Part Douche

DT discusses recent developments in Washington DC, and takes the deepest dive he wants to into the world of manual and automatic transmissions.

Debrief #8: They’ll Never Learn, So Let it Burn

DT reads comments from soldiers posted to, and discusses the wildfires in California as the perfect literal and figurative example of #LetitBurn.

Debrief #9: God Hates Us, Hate Him Back

DT reads comments from soldiers posted on, discusses at length evidence that God hates us, and why hating Him back is reasonable and justified. Plus, news of the week.

Debrief #10: Impeachment of Reasonable Doubt

DT gives his take on the fake impeachment hearings and how it’s indicative of the behavior of every day filthy Democrats.

Debrief #11: They’re Up Schiff Creek

DT discusses making an ass out of you and me in Impeachment Week II.

Debrief #12: Give Thanks for REDRUM

DT discusses his Happy Thanks-Shining at the Stanley Hotel, and how what we do (or don’t do) echoes for eternity.

Debrief #13: Let it All Die

DT discusses the long-awaited release of the IG Report on FISA Court abuses (move along, nothing to see here!), and how it relates to not only finally accepting that God is Dead, but that He may have never been alive in the first place.

Debrief #14: Days Be Solemn and Dark

DT discusses how filthy Democrats’ impeachment effort and now total and complete hypocrisy condemns them to forever live in a false reality of their own choosing and creation, where up is down, evil is good, wrong is right, dark is light, and merriment is solemnity.

Debrief #15: Fanboys Ruined Star Wars

DT reviews the dumpster fire that is Star Wars Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, and explains the negative overreaction to The Last Jedi is to blame.

Debrief #16: Best of Times, Worst of Times

DT discusses the year that was 2019 and the decade of the 2010s.

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