Debrief Archive: Year 2020

Debrief #17: Drums, Drums in the Deep

DT discusses how the new year kicked off with a BANG! (literally) with the killing of Iran’s General Solemani, the legends of single combat champions, and the the FED’s manipulation, fakery and fraud in the overnight repo market.

Debrief #18: Becoming Fully Human (w/guest Aaron Clarey)

DT and Aaron Clarey of discuss the different forms and types of love, and how much or little they are present in today’s society.

Debrief #19: Never Trust a Filthy Democrat

DT discusses the peaceful Virginia Gun Rights Rally, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and a recent horror-show proposal from the Harvard Law Review, all of which prove we will never trust a filthy Democrat.

Debrief #20: Oh, the Humanity!

Like a helicopter crashing into the side of a hill in California, DT attacks Normies, Conformies and Inferiors by noting which news stories and events of the week they value.

Debrief #21: Battle of Las Vaginas

DT discusses the epic Battle of Las Vaginas that took place in Miami on February 2, 2020, misogyny and sexual harassment at Victoria’s Secret, and Bernie Sanders 1972 article about women and their rape fantasies.

Debrief #22: The Week of Winning!

DT discusses the horrible week that was for filthy Democrats – Iowa Caucus clusterfuck, childish antics at the SOTU, Impeachment acquittal, and no-bullshit victory speech – which translates into a win for the rest of us.

Debrief #23: One Word to Rule Them All

DT discusses how and why “NO” is the most important word of all.

Debrief #24: Democrat Implosion then Supernova

DT discusses how we are watching the implosion of the Democratic Party with the communist Bernie Sanders’ attempted takeover (through democratic means), and how it will go supernova in Milwaukee at the Democratic National Convention.

Debrief #25: Every Head Shall Bow Before the DOW

DT discusses the Coronavirus Chaos infecting the stock markets, why everything is going to get worse, and why it’s good and healthy and nothing to worry about if you live in reality.

Debrief #26: Calm Down, Have Some Dip

DT discusses the reality-reasserting-itself bloodbath of the ongoing fake stock market crash, why the monetary and stimulus solutions are all fake ones, why you shouldn’t “buy the dip,” and why and how to prepare such that you can enjoy the chaos.

Debrief #27: Hunker Down is Here

From the Hunker Bunker 2.0, DT discusses walking out of a job interview, the ongoing stock market crash, and how the current Coronavirus Collapse has reached the Hunker Down stage.

Debrief #28: We’re Reaping What They’ve Sown

DT discusses how it’s either Nationalization or Debt Forgiveness waiting for us on the other side of the Federal Reserve buying everything and loaning to everyone.

Debrief #29: We’re All Gonna Die!!!

DT produces a shitty podcast because he dropped a 2×4 on his foot and he’s gonna die someday along with everyone else, where he reads almost all comments from soldiers (one was missed, apologies) and compares the returns of the DOW over the last ten years (including dividends) versus a shitty 4% guaranteed return account.

Debrief #30: There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

DT discusses “The Greatest Showman” P.T. Barnum and some interesting quotes attributed to him, the big lie advocated by Plato, how everything the Federal Reserve is doing is fake and nothing but the sickness of “Dollar Diarrhea,” and how philosophy should be the pursuit of reality and rejection of unreality.

Debrief #31: Red Dawn of the Dead

DT discusses barricading basketball hoops, the Red Dawn Emails, COVID-19 as a bioweapon, and Libertarians having to answer for the pandemic response.

Debrief #32: Free Slaves Alone Together

DT discusses vindication on his #EscapefromMN and other filthy Democrat shithole states in light of the largely filthy Democrat governor stay-at-home orders across the nation, and the pathetic self-important narcissism on display during the “One World: Together at Home” celebrity fundraiser concert.

Debrief #33: The Neverending Nothing

DT discusses the Black Hills reopening and the paranoia gripping much of the nation during this never-ending coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Debrief #34: Life’s a Beach

DT discusses the good news for right-thinking patriots and bad news for filthy Democrat deep state traitors this week, wonders whether anything good is going to result from it this time, and encourages soldiers to consider the reality and likelihood that nothing is going to happen… again.

Debrief #35: Filthy Democrat Dystopia Part 1

DT discusses the real truth-seeking Black Pill versus the gynocentric Lead Pill and deep dives into filthy Democrats’ vision for the future.

Debrief #36: Filthy Democrat Dystopia Part 2

DT continues his deep dive into filthy Democrats’ vision for the future.

Debrief #38: Consequences of Election

DT wargames and discusses the political, philosophical, and personal consequences of a Trump win or loss on November 3rd.

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