The Will to Power Hour Episode #74 – Dao Te Ching (Part VII)

Thus Spake DT as he discusses ancient and modern philosophy to better understand and navigate our current reality, all while enjoying his coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Mmm, the Coffee’s Good!

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#BlackPill #PositiveNihilism #Philosophy


  1. You’re Chinese dong music messed with youtoots algorithm. I got all sorts of recommendations for hypostists. DT did you break THE system! Check out Purple Hypnotist on youtoots. Like POV porn in a way. What have you done to us.


  2. I think the whole fear vs love thing works both ways in the modern world. There are examples around the world of live working, say Queen Elizabeth, who has the Commonwealth but as soon as she dies many nations will probably want to leave as they don’t live Charles. Then take the fear of North Korea working a treat for Kim. So I guess it’s just where you want to take your government/monarchy.


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