The Freak Show – FFS Friday 05/14/2021 – Strike One Against DT!

BANNED FOR A WEEK BY YOUTUBE! Ringmaster DT discusses the news of the week and the current state of the world with a “whaddya gonna do about it?” and “point and laugh” attitude while enjoying his morning cup of coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Happy Freaks, Freedom and Schadenfreude Friday!

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#BeyondPills #PositiveNihilism #ClownWorld


  1. YouTube sucks. I always catch your show via the podcast anyway, since I’m working when you stream. Going to be bummed if you quit, but I’ll get it.


  2. DT, I download mostly off the website because I live in a land down under and you stream part midnight. Sometimes I catch it due to insomnia but mostly just listen at work the next day. Love your shit DT, I’ve added DLive now. Hopefully you keep it up but understandable if not. All the best mate


  3. Oh look i can download these w rrasonable data.. 110mb instead of 500…. That will help the black Brigade telegram channel upload schedual..

    Im awwwweeesssoooommmmmmeeeee


  4. Checking in DT, always catch your show on podcast a day or two later on account of living in timezone GMT+2. I get your righteous indignation with the censors, but would be disappointed if your forays into the abyss ended on account of them.


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