The Freak Show – FFS Friday 07/16/2021

NO LONGER ON YOUTUBE! Ringmaster DT discusses the news of the week and the current state of the world with a “whaddya gonna do about it?” and “point and laugh” attitude while enjoying his morning cup of coffee (or tea, or beer, or whiskey). Happy Freaks, Freedom and Schadenfreude Friday!

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  1. Hey DT, falling in after the fact. I am a South African living in South Africa (ZA) and I get that the current looting, rioting and violence has made international headlines this week. Just a few things from a man on the ground, yes the anarchy is in full force, and yes the Government is run by a bunch of incompetent, outright evil socialists who are incapable of running a country, let alone stabilising the situation at present. I have no doubt there will be fuel and food shortages over the next couple of weeks, and already have a large pantry of dry goods specifically to address this likelihood.

    The initial kick off of this nonsense, is no doubt by the former President and his cohorts, it very clearly taken a life of its own. The police force is completely inept at the best of times (hence the need for private security companies). While the army has been deployed in a relatively small capacity, it has done little to slow it down, or stop it. By far and large in and around Johannesburg, local people from all walks of life have been out and about forming armed vigilante/citizen groups to protect the local businesses and residential areas and that has been the major factor in protecting their own interests and enforcing some degree of order.

    ZA is inherently a divided state, ethnic and cultural identities will always define how one interacts in this country, regardless of how polite people may interact with each other under regular circumstances. The middle-class suburbs around Johannesburg are well integrated under the appreciation for classical liberalism, but this is an exceptionally small component of the total ZA population.

    In respect of immigrating out of ZA, it is extremely hard to do so. There is no privilege/right to immigrate to the UK (or other Commonwealth Countries) on some cultural basis (most white South Africans are not direct descendants of British Citizens) and one has to go to the West based on their ordinary Visa processes. Prior to the covid lockdowns, my immediate family and I were all preparing to leave, primarily because of the State’s legal discrimination on the basis of race. Covid restrictions on international travel have been fantastic.

    Thanks for the regular philosophical episodes, knowing that “same shit, different century” applies throughout time really does help with stoicism required to deal with interesting times.

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